PowerProtect Batt - Software and Hardware Overview

PowerProtect Monitor

The software accessory PowerProtect Monitor (PP Monitor) is used for the monitoring of MASTERGUARD UPS and battery systems. PP Monitor allows the integrated display and management of UPS and battery data.

PP Monitor performs the battery voltage monitoring. Warning and error messages are displayed on the PP Monitor screen and can be broadcasted using E-Mail or network message services. Additionally, an external application can be launched, if a warning or error occurs.

PP Monitor Screenshot (Warning)

DEUS Bluebox

DEUS Bluebox is a compact, fanless embedded server system for wall or rack mounting. It includes the MASTERGUARD software acessory PowerProtect Monitor. The DEUS Bluebox is configured for the UPS and battery system of the end customer before delivery. Technical data:

  • 4 x RS232 communication ports for BVM monitoring
  • network connector for communication with BVM or UPS
  • service and configuration via 2nd LAN port or USB stick
  • aluminum enclosure 195 mm x 150 mm x 80 mm
  • includes mounting brackets for wall or rack mount applications
  • Optional dry contact alarm module available (see DEUS Bluebox Datasheet).
DEUS Bluebox

PowerProtect Meter and PowerProtect Graph - Software for PowerProtect Batt (obsolete)

PP Meter and PP Graph are PC-based software applications for battery voltage monitoring (PP Meter) and displaying of the archived data (PP Graph). PP Meter is obsolete and since 2006 superseded by the software accessory PowerProtect Monitor (see above).

PP Graph can be used with MASTERGUARD software applications PowerProtect VIS and PowerProtect Monitor for displaying archived battery and UPS data. PP Graph is installed on DEUS Bluebox systems.

PowerProtect Batt - Documents for Download
PowerProtect Monitor V1.5 Operating Manual PDF document, issue 09/2008, 156KB
PowerProtect Monitor V1.5.10 Operating and Service Manual (only for MASTERGUARD Qualified Personnel) PDF document, issue 09/2009, 436KB
DEUS Bluebox Datasheet PDF document, issue 11/2006, 200KB
Configuration form for setting up the BVM monitoring (BVM wiring, DEUS Bluebox configuration) Microsoft Word Template (.dot), issue 08/2004, 232KB
BVM Battery Voltage Measurement Module, Operating Manual PDF document, issue 10/2002, 306KB
PowerProtect Batt Technical Description PDF document, issue 06/2002, 396KB
- out of date -
PowerProtect Batt Application Note PDF document, issue 12/2001, 309KB
- out of date -
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